We offer same day service call now to schedule an appointment, Some of the services we offer such as: Opener Replacement, Broken Springs, Garage Doors Off Track And More ...


We offer same day service call now to schedule an appointment, Some of the services we offer such as: Opener Replacement, Broken Springs, Garage Doors Off Track And More ...


One of the most common problems with garage doors is broken garage door springs. If you can’t raise the garage door up and the door feels very heavy then most likely the springs broke. You can easily check them out just by looking at them, If you see a gap between them (just like shown in the picture) then you know for a fact that the springs broke


A very common problem with garage doors is not the garage door itself but the garage door opener, Garage door openers can typically last for decades however if its not properly maintained then it could fail on you even earlier and you will need to replace the garage door opener, Check if the garage door opener is running smoothly on its track.


When your garage door goes off track you should not be tempted to fix it yourself. If you have no experience working with garage door it is absolutely important that you call a professional garage door company to fix it for you. dealing with an off track garage door is very dangerous and if not taking the proper caution might result in serious injury.


Garage Door Repair San Jose are true professional with years of experience. From Garage door openers to panel fixing or anything related to your garage door. Our service is just a call away. In fact people may contact Us to get a free estimate over the phone. Call now to have the best and affordable garage door repair service.  Some of the common problems that cause you major delays can easily be fixed by our professional technicians. Some of these problems are due to the lack of maintenance of doors like not properly oiling or lubricating the doors. Its advised to keep proper maintenance to your garage door to have it working without problems for many years.
Garage doors are equally important as the main and back doors. In fact they should be taken more seriously if even any small fault comes in it. Since they serve the dual purpose of entrance and exit doors for the house inmates and off course the entrance and exit of cars, they have the dual responsibility of protecting the cars and other vehicles of the family and the family members as well. Sometimes the emergency arrives at wee hours hence garage door repair San Jose is always at the service for all those who need immediate door repair.

All kinds of garage doors whether commercial or residential are repaired by them. Commercial doors suffer more traffic and possess greater responsibility than the residential doors. As the safety of vehicles of other people is greater responsibility. There are many reliable and trustworthy companies who offer quality and valuable service to their clients. Garage door repair San Jose can be contacted anytime, whether it is day or night, a team of technicians is always ready to help you in coping with the trouble. The team consists of skilled technician and a supervisor as well to inspect the whole job and approve it when it is done.

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Great work, They came on time and worked quickly to change the springs on my garage door. They quoted me a price before they did any work. Very professional would defiantly use these guys again.
Jenny. D
Very professional and honest. They had arrived to my home the same day i called them. My garage door didn't open up so i thought something was wrong with it. Lucky me tom diagnosed the problem right away, The door wasn't connected to the garage door opener. This was an easy fix for him. Impressed with his honesty and i know who to call next time.
Greg. A
They were able to come the same day i called in. I had errands to do so i was stuck, but these guys provided fast service and managed to fix my garage door pretty quickly. They saved my day.
John. F
Well my garage door pretty much collapsed and the door was literally hanging on its hinges, It looked like a disaster zone, I called garage door repair San Jose, they came within 2 hours, They were able to get my door back together and didn't even had to replace anything. Very professional.
Larry. T

The common services offered by the technicians of Garage door repair San Jose are the replacement of faulty hinge screw, servicing of safety sensors by aligning them properly, lubricating hinges, rails and springs, cable and drum servicing

and inspection, ensuring that the garage door is completely balanced. Also the track and doors are leveled, motor sensitivity of the garage door, checking its limits and force it can withstand.  The labor cost is normally included in the whole price. Garage Door repair san jose had served the residents of san jose, ca, for more then 10 years .

The staff of Garage door repair San Jose is fully equipped with tools and operates on latest technology so if the truck is on the way then they receive the next complaint to be attended through radio. Hence a lot of time is saved.

Garage door is a attach part of home as well as being capable of finding a company which can offer expert San Jose garage door repair services is assured to be finest solution which can keep the garage doors in the best condition. So you won’t need to be anxious about doing repairs to your own as you may call our professional services. Furthermore, you don’t need to place your security at risk by doing all repairs as you may call for professional technicians which can help you in your requirements or complete the whole work done for you.

We provide San Jose garage door repair services to consumers of San Jose. We promise the security and safety of our consumers with our reliable and trustworthy workforce. Our garage door technicians are highly reliable and trustworthy so there is no problem if you allow him to come inside the garage or your home so that he can work for the garage door problem. That is the reason why we always select the most dependable and honest technicians who have additionally bonding with our company in order that they could not leave our company without the prior notice. That is for guarantee security and safety of our important customers in the Bay Area region.

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